Addendum Diamonds

GIA Color Grading Scale

Fancy Fancy

D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Light Fancy Intense


Colorless| Near | Faint Yellow |Very Light Yellow| Light Yellow | Yellow |

GIA Clarity Grading Scale





Internally Flawless| |_________________imperfect ___________________|


(FL) Flawless To receive a grade of flawless there can be no inclusions and no polishing or surface imperfections of any kind visible at 10X magnification.

(IF) Internally Flawless Free of all inclusions but has minor surface blemishes or minor internal graining that is not white, colored, or reflective.

(VVS1 and VVS2) Very Very Slightly Included Minute inclusions that are extremely difficult or difficult to locate at 10X magnification.

(SI1 and SI2) Slightly Included Inclusions that are usually easy to locate at 10X magnification. In some SI2 diamonds the inclusions may be visible to the unaided eye in larger diamonds, step cuts, and when viewed through the pavilion.

(I1, I2 and I3) Imperfect Large inclusions, usually visible with the unaided eye. In I2 diamonds the inclusions can affect beauty and durability. In I3 diamonds beauty and durability are seriously affected.


Facet Arrangement of a Standard Round Brilliant.



Diamonds may be subjected to various treatments to improve their appearance. Treatments used are considered usual and customary practices when properly disclosed and when done without intent to defraud the consumer. Treatments found may be laser frilling, clarity enhancement, high temperature and pressure (HTHP) to improve color, or irradiating (to attain fancy color). Some treatments are difficult to detect with standard laboratory equipment. Any treatments found will be noted on the appraisal report. The Federal Trade Commission requires the disclosure of all current diamond treatments. Failure to do so may be considered deceptive to the consumer.